Brewing Your Own Success | High School Dropout to Kombucha Billionaire

George Thomas Dave aka GT Dave dropped out of high school at 16 years old to pursue his passion. He founded GT’S Living Foods where he has been handcrafting authentic kombucha in small batches since 1995. GT Dave is an inspiration & living testimony to living your life, pursuing your passions, releasing the chains that bind us all, and all together avoiding the negative influences at his school by dropping out otherwise his life would have taken much different direction.

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“Kombucha captured Dave’s interest at an opportune moment. Almost 16, he was failing his classes at Beverly Hills High and had fallen in with a crowd that had “lots of money, lots of drugs.” He needed an exit. “You quickly can get swept up in it. I certainly did, until I caught myself.” He passed his GED and left school early, thinking he would start fresh at a city college. Then it dawned on him to make kombucha instead.”