False Beliefs of a Schooled Society

School is indoctrination which is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically and that is exactly what school does. Schools don’t teach kids to question things, they tell them to accept things for the way they are. The very nature of school means you are trading your limited time on this planet, a humans most valuable asset, to sit in classrooms when there is so much more to learn in the world than from a teacher in a classroom. Besides, who really wants to learn from someone who has been schooled in this system for a quarter of their lives and then decides to become a teacher and never ever leaves this system of oppression because they themselves are stuck in it? The Teachers Curse! Teachers are obsessed with trying to reproduce academic clones of themselves.

"Their schooling made it so schooling was all they know." ~ Unschooling.com

"The essential thing measured by school is whether or not you are good at school. Being good at school is a fine skill if you intend to do school forever. For the rest of us, being good at school is a little like being good at Frisbee. It’s nice, but it’s not relevant unless your career involves homework assignments, looking through textbooks for answers that are already known to your supervisors, complying with instructions and then, in high-pressure settings, regurgitating those facts with limited processing on your part." ~ Seth Godin (Stop Stealing Dreams)

False Beliefs of a Schooled Society
1) MYTH: We are taught that our lives are a journey which is false:

2) MYTH: We are taught to breath in through our nose and out through our mouth.
Mouth breathing is NOT the best way to breath. Mouths are intended for eating, noses for breathing, both in and out. A search for “humans are nose breathers” will bring up lots of results in support of nose breathing:

Multiple books have been written about the immense benefits of nose breathing such as:

The New York Times just published an article about nose breathing:

Even FitBit has a good article about nose breathing:

3) MYTH: Students are taught that people are only motivated by outside factors.
At schools, grades & teachers determine your lot in life and character, creativity, and curiosity are squandered. There’s no passion for learning because kids are being force fed subjects instead of learning math from a passionate interest in cars or making recipes. Self-reliance, independence, and self-motivation are crushed at schools.

The truth is people who are only motivated by outside factors (never by an internal drive) simply won’t go as far or do as well as someone who lives to learn. That’s the beauty of the free market - if you’re willing to work hard and educate yourself, you will thrive.

4) MYTH: School prepares students for the real world.
Schooling doesn’t prepare people for the real world. Unschooling is the real world. How do you prepare someone to live in the real world by locking them up in a very limited fake world? And ironically, people actually call this “learning” to live in the real world when in fact nothing is real about it at all.