The Monarchy

“The British public school system, and its equivalent in the United States and elsewhere, is a vital part of the Brotherhood network. It is the recruiting and training ground designed to turn out either psychopaths or mentally and emotionally broken people who have learned to do exactly as they are told. You have only got to talk with some of those who have experienced it to know what a mind control operation it is.”

“There are support groups to counsel people who have been mentally and emotionally scarred for life by what happened to them. It is legalized child abuse. In Britain, the children of the aristocracy and wealthy families (and others who know no better) are taken from home at the age of six and dumped at their first boarding or ‘prep’ school. ‘Prep’ means preparation to be indoctrinated . Already they are feeling unloved and frightened as their parents drive away, leaving them in a strange place among strange people. I repeat these kids are just six. Can you imagine the effect of that on a little child?”

FYI, this is a pretty long article, but if you hit Command F on your keyboard and search for ‘school’, you’ll see where it talks specifically about school.