American Universities Are Using Social Credit Systems To Track Students

"One student worried the technology would “keep progressing until we’re micromanaged every second of the day.” China’s social credit system micromanages its citizens and controls behavior through threats and punishment."

"Pfeifer’s campus recently began logging the attendance of students connected to the campus’s WiFi network, which empowers colleges to track hundreds of thousands of students more precisely than at any other time in American history."

"Over 98% of college’s students can be measured and analyzed through Degree Analytics, according to data scientist Aaron Benz, who developed the app in 2017."

Here are a couple of the comments:
“We aren’t tracking you to be able to control you. No, no, no. We are monitoring you so that you know we care about you.”

“baby monitors, not just for babies anymore.”

“Big Brother keeping track of the flock of sheep.”