Anne Heche Was Creating a Documentary Exposing Child Sex Trafficking Before She Was Suspiciously Murdered

Anne Heche was creating a documentary called, Girl in Room 13, about child sex trafficking.

“Congresswoman Jackie Walorski was working with Anne Heche on ending child sex trafficking,” according to X22 Report.

Walorski was killed in a car accident the week before Heche, who had recently spoken out on the “epidemic” of child sex trafficking in Hollywood.

Similar thing happened here with another Senator…

They left Anne to die in a burning car & house for an hour and oddly enough she popped up out of the body bag while being wheeled to the ambulance and they shoved her back down and tossed her in the back without even pausing to acknowledge the sudden movement. And as an EMT said in the comments of the 2nd video below which has many great comments, if someone is dead, as they acted like Anne was, they are taken by a coroner, not an ambulance.

The same thing happened with The Silent Children documentary…