Arab Funding in Higher Education

It literally took a war for billionaires to stop funding these woke indoctrination centers. Theirs major propaganda on both sides of this war. The leftist colleges are siding with Palestine while the Conservative outlets are siding with Israel. Of course, the war has become politicized.

“The entire education system has become a sham” ~ Zachary Marschall

Hamas was created by Israel…

And I don’t fall for the narrative in picking a side as I stand for peace amongst all people. War is racket to control the population, a depopulation tool, and a way to make rich people even richer. Most of these people picking a side don’t even know the true history of their own country, let alone a foreign country, that many would have a hard time finding on a map. Most people merely follow groupthink in just supporting the next “current thing” …Ukraine, Covid, etc.