Arizona teen 'accidentally' graduates high school early by dropping out

Imagine all the time kids waste in school, most their childhoods confined to a school. Everything can be done much quicker outside of the collapsing school system. The real blessing is she got to spend more time with her loving family and her father who is sick. Life is short, you never know how much time you have to spend with your family.

Top Comments:

“The bullying was so bad in HS, I asked my mom if I could not go back and take the GED instead. I walked in and took all the tests cold turkey and passed with flying colors. Best decision I ever made.” ~ standdown4929

“If she can read and write, she’s already doing better than disturbingly large amount of the general public school population.” ~ Surannhealz

“its crazy how a 15 year old can get a diploma thru hard work but public schools graduate 18 year olds who read at a 3rd grade level.” ~ ryanrodgers5112

“People give homeschool families a lot of grief but kids that excel doing things at their own pace benefit better at home. They can go fast in subjects they excel at and slow down to get a better understanding of the material in subjects that need more time. I know several people who graduated in their sophomore year 15/16 and started college their junior year. What a great accomplishment! Congratulations to Sam!” ~ nathannah4667