College To Charge Unvaccinated Students $1,500 'Health And Safety' Fee

College To Charge Unvaccinated Students $1,500 ‘Health And Safety’ Fee to cover the cost of mandatory WEEKLY COVID testing. Yikes!:flushed:The inventor of the PCR tests said they are not even accurate and there has been many people that have exposed how the test sticks which they stick way up your nose close to your brain are spiked with something. You would think if COVID is so contagious, they could just do a mouth swab. If you plan on going to college, you can expect them to shame you for being unvaccinated and the test will eventually give a false positive at which point they will force the vaccine on you or you’ll have to leave the school and be stuck with whatever student debt you incurred. Most colleges are force vaccinating all students so it’s interesting that this college has decided to profit off of them.

Why would you want to be indoctrinated associating yourself with a bunch of woke vaccinated zombies?