Enormous Decline in Children's Freedom


Check out the short 1 minute video by Peter Gray who is trying to change the laws for free range parenting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go75zxWNQck

“With the enormous decline in children’s freedom, children’s mental health has also significantly declined.
Depression & Anxiety are roughly 8 times what they were serval decades ago when children were freer.
The suicide rate among school-aged children is now roughly six times what it was.”

Schools aren’t exactly improving this statistic, they’re getting worse!

It’s time to let kids learn from their OWN experiences, it’s the only way:

  1. Make their own decisions

  2. Solve their own problems

  3. create & enforce rules

  4. Negotiate differences

  5. Maintain peace & order

Here is another good article that talks about the decline in children’s freedom leading to mental illness