EXCLUSIVE: Deep state planning false flag attack in order to blame “anti-vaxxers” and gun owners


Government waging all-out war to silence and disrupt anti-vaxxers

To say that the Biden regime is declaring war on anti-vaxxers is an understatement. They are waging an all-out assault to threaten, destroy and disrupt all anti-vax publishers, content, individuals and organizations such as Children’s Health Defense (CHD). There is a sense of urgency behind all this, too, since it’s only a matter of time before the masses wake up and realize it’s the vaccine that’s killing so many people.

"They are trying to mass murder billions of human beings as quickly as possible before any serious backlash can form"

"And parents who allow their children to be used as human guinea pigs in covid vaccine medical experiments can’t be stopped either, as they’re clearly insane and beyond reach."