Freedom: July 4th, 2022

Fake Freedom…
In 1776, we declared our independence from Great Britain.

In 2020, we declared our enslavement to China.

How sad that our countries symbols of freedom are made by slaves in China instead of Americans.
Most American Flags you see today are made in China.
Americans spend over a billion dollars on July 4th fireworks which are all made in China

"America July 4th, 2022:

-60,000 SWAT raids a year
-$30.5 Trillion national debt
-Every child born is $66K in debt
-Largest prison population on the planet
-Dropped at least 337,000 bombs in 20 yrs
-At war for 227 of the 246 years it’s existed

Q: What are we celebrating again?" ~ Jason Bassler

"Don’t let people with fancy credentials intimidate you. If there’s one lesson of the past two years, it’s that." ~ Tom Woods