From High School Dropout to Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire

Here is a great success story of someone that dropped out of school to pursue their dreams and passions.

"I was a kid from Idaho then:

At 12 - Bought Bitcoin at $10
At 15 - Dropped out & Moved to SF
At 17 - Sold my first Startup
At 18 - Became the youngest Bitcoin Millionaire
At 19 - Built a real life Dr. Octopus Suit
At 20 - We launched a Satellite

I’m not even 21. Just wait." ~ Erik Finman

He HATED high school so he dropped out.

"I bought Bitcoin at $10 when I was 12 and by 15 I had $100,000 in Bitcoin.

I hated High School. So I dropped out. Moved to Silicon Valley. And used that money to start an Education startup to help other students like me." ~ Erik Finman

"At 17 I sold my first startup which allowed anyone to learn anything - anywhere.

That startup was a huge part of my childhood. And changed my life FOREVER!

Recently I bought it back and will release a huge new version of it at the end of the year." ~ Erik Finman

“At 18 I became The Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire in the world. That amount of money & that article completely changed my life. My dreams had finally come true. “This high school dropout who invested in bitcoin at $12 is now a millionaire at 18” - CNBC” ~ Erik Finman

Interestingly enough, he founded an educational startup, to fix education as we know it, which he ended up selling the company and buying it back: