Georgia Daycare Owner Guilty in Baby’s Death Reacts to Cops Investigating Her for Murder

“This is one of the reasons I’d never leave an infant in a daycare, this happens too often. It’s sad that in this day and age we can’t trust anyone with our children. The footage of the mum is heartbreaking, I can’t imagine what she is still living through.” ~ jadelyth7397

“Several years before my husband and I had kids, we agreed that we would take the hit in income so that I could stay home and raise the children. Best decision we ever made. I encourage new parents to do the same if at all possible, and if doing so suits you. If you’re a “normal”, loving parent, I believe you’ll never regret it. The sacrifices we make for our babies are ALWAYS well worth it!!” ~ mindyk4

“Never judge a mother for leaving her career to stay home with her babies. We stay home to prevent things like this. Unfortunately, some caretakers just don’t have common sense…. RIP sweet baby this is so unfortunate and devastating.” ~ marisaperez3890