Hello there!

I found this website and it is a gold mine for sources related to unschooling and free learning.

I am Guillem Palau from Barcelona, Spain (born 1987). My name translated to English is William Palace .

I did suffered a lot in the school system. I wasted my potential. I may say more than usual as I did nothing better than repeating 3 times the same high school year, followed by studying multiple bachelor and master’s degrees in college. Now I do learn purely following my learn drive, which luckily survived all years of coercion and I am willing to put all efforts to put the Prussian school model to an end by making people aware of the slavery children are suffering in the school system by writing, podcasting, tweeting, researching, learning.

Here is my personal website https://pleasurable-learning.com

Let’s sum forces and make the paradigm shift happen !

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