How School Ruins Kids

How school ruins kids and how it has probably ruined you too
By Corné van Straten

“The only thing you’re prepared for after 12 years of school is more school.”

"So, school doesn’t prepare you for the real world at all. And that is no surprise, because school doesn’t resemble life outside of it in the slightest."

"In fact, the only other place you may ever find yourself as isolated from society with mostly people your own age is in a retirement home."

"Nobody cares what you want to learn, what you don’t want to learn or whether or not you even want to be there at all. You are to sit down, shut up and do as you’re told."

"The never-ending cycle of testing and grading actually conditions students to think that the point of learning is acquiring stamps of approval, not mastering a particular skill or becoming an expert on a particular subject."

"Despite of the obvious fact that there are tons of successful dropouts you will be verbally abused and told you’re destined for a life of menial jobs and poverty unless you work harder at it."