Humanity now “catastrophically stupid” as we enter the 2020s on a global SUICIDE mission that will only end in collapse

"Universities in America now run actual “thought police” campus programs that encourage students to surreptitiously listen to private conversations and report “intolerance.” Students and faculty now face on-campus “show trials” for things like criticizing left-wing tyranny, abortion or transgenderism lunacy. As all this is going on, the authoritarian speech police of the Left tell themselves they are the “tolerant” ones who support “diversity.” (Yes, they are that mentally ill.) Even the Wall Street Journal has noticed this, writing, “political correctness on campus has reached the stage of a perfect Orwellian inversion.”"

"The average young person today has virtually no real world skills and is unable to change a car tire, plant a garden or clean a rifle. Their entire existence is wrapped up in the false world of Snapchat and social media, where miserable youth pretend to be happy and rich by staging fake “success” scenes to share with their fake friends who are also faking their own lives to try to gain more fake followers. The whole thing is a vicious, self-reinforcing circle of lunacy."

"Yes, Drag Queen Story Hour is real. Libraries and schools are hosting hair, pedophile-convicted men who are flashing their genitals at young children while “progressive” parents look on and cheer for diversity. Yes, they are all mentally ill (both the parents and the pedos)."

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