Is German Schulfrei-Community still alive?

There is a German unschooling community https://schulfrei-community.de/ .

Does anyone know if it is still alive?
Has anyone successfully registered there recently?

I am trying to register there since March. After choosing my data (username, password etc.) I received an email saying I should write a text about what connects me to unschooling and after the admins have read it, they will finish my registration. So the registration process involves manual activity of the admin(s). Even though I sent several emails to remind them and used the contact form on their site, I did not receive any answer until today.
Also, their facebook page has its last entry from 2017…

I was not aware of this unschooling community in Germany so it’s great to hear about it. I will add the @Germany mention to this post to notify other members of the Germany Unschooling Group. You could also connect with @absinthe by direct message who is a member.

As I believe Unschooling/Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, it’s amazing to see so many organizations dedicated to Unschooling in Germany. I suppose it’s not surprising that it’s illegal since Germany is the where the world’s modern schooling system originates from.

The About Us page says the founder, Stefanie Mohsennia, is a longstanding member of BVNL:

And a founding member of the Freilerner-Solidargemeinschaft:

You could reach out to these organizations to see if that community is still alive, but if you haven’t heard back since March, it’s likely not an active community anymore, especially since the last events are from 2016. The community was originally @ unschooling.de from 2004-2015 and then they changed the name in 2015 to School Free.

Welcome to the Unschooling Community and we would love for you to be an active member here and spread the word.