JP Sears is CONTROLLED Opposition

JP Sears aka AwakenWithJP

JP Sears is a popular comedian known for his satirical comedy of current events. I have shared so many of his videos on Unschooling that he even has a tag, but I have long known that JP Sears is Controlled Opposition. This is exactly why he has not been banned from YouTube and has been able to gain millions of followers covering topics that would get most anyone else banned. JP can freely talk about COVID vaccines without having to worry about being censored while other Youtubers have to “cough” or mask the COVID vaccine with other “acceptable” words so as not to trigger the Youtube algorithm which will demonetize their videos. It’s why most every YouTube video I share on this site has a backup because many of the videos I share end up being censored. 1984

1) JP Sears is NOT independent. JP is owned by the same agency most all the woke Hollywood celebs are controlled by, CAA. You can easily verify this by looking at his contact page of his website.
Considering most of Hollywood is controlled by China and CAA is China’s leading media company, it’s no stretch to say that JP is owned by Communist China which is incredibly ironic!

Scroll over his Agent, “Contact him here” and you’ll see the CAA email address:

Pianos also have 88 keys…


2) JP masquerades as being a freedom fighter and has a Freedom Clothing Line which is made by slaves in China. Imagine the hypocrisy of having a Freedom clothing line sold to Americans, but is made by slaves. What’s worse is he cons his followers by saying “Printed & Shipped In The USA” with an American Flag logo to fool his followers into thinking his clothing line is made in the USA. He also puts this at the bottom of the product description instead of actually being honest with his followers and saying where his clothing line is made which is nowhere to be found on his site.

3) JP has received major backlash for continuing to support Black Rifle Coffee Company as the Sponsor of most all of his shows.

BRCC received major backlash for publicly disavowing Kenosha Hero Kyle Rittenhouse and condemned conservatives which is quite ironic for a company that uses guns to sell coffee to pro-gun conservatives. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

People have been boycotting the company for being grifters:

I find it interesting how JP is basically a sold out grifter to Hollywood shilling for a company that sold out its customer base and yet he continues to shill for BRCC.

What’s more ironic is JP was Anti-gun and had an Anti-gun video on his Youtube channel which he was receiving a lot of flack for as you can see in the comments so today he comes out with a Pro-gun video denouncing his Anti-gun video. :rofl:
Old Video: (06/07/2017)

New Video: (01/29/2022)