Me, the tree and River

Published on Jul 7, 2021

“In 2019, Amber and I went to therapy for losing our son, River. The facility was way out in the middle of nowhere Tennessee called “OnSight.” As an exercise, my counselor Marc asked me to go out deep into the woods and write down a conversation with a big tree that I picked. The tree would symbolize what I wanted to be: strong, steady, protecting the saplings but still bending and moving and contributing to the forrest by constantly shedding leaves each new season and even after death. It felt kinda silly at first, but when I found the tree, I knew it was the one. Not really knowing what to say, I started as any conversation would, “hey tree, I’m Granger.” I wrote down everything that followed. 2 years later, my friend Paul and I went to Michigan on tour and filmed this video along with the words I wrote.”