Mental Liberation

This book will blow your mind, it is a must read for anyone who realizes we are in spiritual warfare and this book will help anyone with a spiritual awakening!

Sadly, they KILLED Kerth after he wrote this book:

The following 2 comments are from this YouTube video

"I strongly believe that we are plagued by childhood generational traumas. It is proven that we are affected by this on a very deep dna level. A lot of humanity is blind to being blind to it. It might take generations before we fully heal. I’m aware of it, but it is an uphill battle to be a dad for my children and a man for my wife." ~ Seventy Sixer

Reply to the above comment:

"Please read Kerth Barkers books. He wrote several not long before they killed him. He explains this and tells his story." ~ Ant Koz


“This book discusses the Fabian system for the healing and deprogramming of mind control. And this system has never been described by any other source. I didn’t create this Fabian system, but I’m the only person who is willing and able to publicly write about it.”

This book discusses mind control in-depth and ways to free yourself…