Michael Cannavo, Founder of Super73, is a College Dropout

We just purchased a Super73 RX which are absolutely amazing and I love reading the story of the companies I support and so I was not surprised to find that the Founder, Michael Cannavo, is a college dropout who deeply craved freedom…

“Entrepreneurship was never the goal when I set out to save my sanity. It was never to be rich, popular, or successful. All I wanted was freedom. Freedom was all that filled my mind while I was spinning signs on the side of the road in my hometown or making pizzas until 11:00 at night. In those moments, it felt like I wanted freedom more than I wanted to breathe.”

"It was self-expression through a product and a key to personal freedom."

Outside of my faith, freedom was all I was ever chasing in this world. It’s what all of us are chasing, and one of the oldest pursuits in human history. Whether it was the Jews enslaved in ancient Egypt or the employee looking out the window of their monotone office on a Wednesday at 3:00 pm. The desire for freedom comes in immeasurable variations on equally immeasurable levels. I believe that we were put on this earth to create and work. We are each unique, special, and creative and we’ve been given the chance to use those tools to showcase the creations that we are. I was never afraid of work. Since the day I dropped out of college, I knew my life would be full of work and I attacked it head-on. I worked harder than anyone around me and kept working when they were not. You have to work for your freedom. Freedom isn’t crossing days off a calendar while sitting on the beach. It’s using every day to create, inspire, and express; closing every night with the knowledge that you used every single minute of that day for the betterment of the community and the people around you.”