Mother Shares Her Experience Giving Birth in a Hospital in 2021

:scream: I highly recommend home birthing with a midwife, especially during these insane times!

We worked with a midwife which we felt was a much more authentic and natural way of giving birth. We attempted a water birth with a big tub in our living room, but after 2 days, it didn’t work out so we ended up going to the hospital WITH our midwife right by our side the entire time and even though we didn’t have a home birth, it was a much better experience having a midwife who we developed a strong relationship with to be on our side amongst all these strangers. The midwife knew most of them and so I can tell you we had a much better experience as we were in and out of there in just a couple hours and they said that never happens. However, they tried to take our baby away from us and into another room shortly after he was born to give him a toxic Vitamin K vaccine which we adamantly refused multiple times as the doctors and nurses kept pressuring us to do it. Btw, this is standard practice! We held our baby and did not let him out of our hands for even a second. No vaccines! A midwife helps prepare you for giving birth and they can recommend things that a Doctor can’t or wont such as herbs and healers.