No degree? No problem. Here are the jobs at Top Companies you can land without one

"About half of our U.S. employment last year were people that did not have a four-year degree," he said. ~ Tim Cook, Apple CEO

"There are more of the programming and highly technical type positions, where people may have acquired those skills in another way, without perhaps going and getting a four-year degree, that still gives them options for employment," Castellano said.

Acquiring skills “another way” can manifest in many different forms.

"Consider one LinkedIn member, Hannah Maddy, a UX designer at Netflix, ranked No. 11 among this year’s Top Companies. “Not only do I not have a four-year, degree but I’m also a high school dropout and worked the graveyard shift as a baker until I landed my first design gig,” Maddy told LinkedIn."

"Maddy said she gained skills through a combination of working on side projects with different friends in the creative field, learning how to code online and constantly sending her portfolio out to different employers."