Portfolio reviews

In my state (WV) we have to have either a portfolio review or testing - how do you find a reviewer, in this case they have to be a licensed teacher in WV who is truly unschool friendly and understands that learning doesn’t occur in subject areas but in whole activity participation that is spontaneous and child led? And that stopping the activity to take pics and videos is not conducive to the learning process? Ideally I would move to another state that is more unschool friendly but for now, I don’t feel I have found reviewers who think outside the cookie cutter traditional understanding of learning. Even with unschooling I feel it is being compartmentalized and not seen for the child led activity exploration that needs to occur for true learning to take place. I know I tend to be idealistic but I don’t want to stifle learning and make it boring by making it about showing progress rather than enjoying the process.