Self Taught Movie

From the creators of the Class Dismissed documentary, they just released the Self Taught movie, highly recommend watching both:

Check out this awesome review:
I was brought to tears in this movie - Especially when the Boston College professor teared up himself when he said: What would you rather have on your gravestone someday: I went to Harvard or I was a good friend.

I am an unschool mom , who is so proud of her son, a life long learner and a very mature wonderful person, who went his own way with decisions as they presented themselves and now is an amazing loving daddy himself, in a career that means alot to him. Those years spent with other unschooling families, going here and there , living and learning together, are some of my most precious years. I was raised going to private schools, and eventually a ‘good’ college, in fear and anxiety most of the time due to the pressures, and really find myself quite uneducated! But by God, I got good grades.As John Holt wrote: One cannot learn when in fear. It took me alot of years to discover who I really am, someone other than the person I tried to be - trying hard to meet others’ expectations, and ultimately quite lost.

The messages in this movie are profound and life-changing potentially. I am so very grateful that a dear friend told me about unschooling, John Holt’s books, John Gatto, and the wonderful park and museum days where we started our unschooling adventure!! Parents: please listen carefully to these messages - sometimes it’s not easy to be radical, misunderstood for your choices, but as the movie shows, for your children to grow through their young years with freedom to be themselves and find their own ways with support and a community of like minded people can mean so very much!!