Teach For America: The Non-Profit That Forgot its Mission

Imagine that, a “non-profit” with a mission to fix the failed schooling system, but fails miserably and profits hugely. What’s worse is this “non-profit” is funded by taxpayers so instead of the government improving the schools, they are funneling money to this corrupt organization that does absolutely nothing to improve schools.

“Teachers’ unions regularly critique the organization, which they see as undermining the professionalization of the education sector by bringing in temporary amateurs to fill positions traditionally reserved for certified professionals. John Wilson, executive director of the National Education Association, sent a memo in May 2009 stating that union leaders were “beginning to see school systems lay off teachers and then hire Teach For America college grads due to a contract they signed.” Wilson went on to say that Teach For America brings in “the least-prepared and the least-experienced teachers” into low-income schools and makes them “the teacher of record.””
Teach For America - Wikipedia