The Parental Leave Boomlet in the U.S. Is Leaving Women Behind

"But in a nation where over 80% of working people don’t get any time off to care for newborns, the rise in coverage has been uneven"

"For the first time since it began tracking leave policies in the U.S. four years ago, the group created an industry breakdown of benefits and found that workers in certain sectors, like finance and technology, are much more likely to get paid time off to care for newborns than those in others, like health care and retail. Women and low-income workers are disproportionately represented in the fields that offer little or no time off. “The sectors where people need paid family leave the most, don’t have it,” said Annie Sartor, a director at Paid Leave for the United States."

“The continued expansion is primarily contained to white collar jobs and leaves behind millions of working people”

"Teachers, nurses and truck drivers are less likely to have access to paid time off. Women make up three-quarters of health care and education workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics"