The Troubled Teen Industry

The Troubled Teen Industry Profits $1.2 Billion Dollars a Year… :exploding_head:

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"Weird how doing these things to adults could result in jail. But when an adult does it to a young person, it’s called education." ~ Regular person



"The horrific abuse chronicled in this Times piece should shock both our conscience & intelligence: in what sort of world could there exist an “industry” that preys & capitalizes on “troubled teens”? Yet these barbarities reflect a more general misunderstanding in our culture. 1/6" ~ Gabor Mate

“Future generations will look back on many of the tactics used in the troubled teen industry in the same way we look back on forced lobotomies and ask: How did we allow these practices to pass off as mental health treatment for so long?” ~ TrueAnonPod

"Chronic mental distress and its manifestations (addiction, self-harm, etc.) are widely seen as either a mysterious illness to be “cured” or a set of “bad choices” to be rehabilitated through behavior modification, even punishment. This is a catastrophic error. 2/6" ~ Gabor Mate

"As with many afflictions, we too often fail to ask what life experiences these behaviors & conditions are expressing. It’s right there in the word “troubled”: by what stresses, past & present, personal & social, might these young people be vexed, challenged, stymied, plagued? 3/6" ~ Gabor Mate

"In our new book The Myth of Normal, Daniel Mate and I look at mental distress and addiction through the lens not of genetic flaws or misbehaviors but rather trauma—whether of the big-T or small-t variety—and the coping mechanisms children cannot help but develop in response. 4/6" ~ Gabor Mate

"Any approach that focuses on behavior, to the exclusion of the pain that animates it, will miss the mark and fail to bring healing— even if it succeeds in its narrow aims of temporarily suppressing symptoms and producing compliance and obedience in youngsters. 5/6" ~ Gabor Mate

"As for programs such as the ones described in the piece, they pile trauma upon trauma in the name of helping kids, often without full awareness on the parents’ part. High time we “deindustrialize” the treatment of our troubled youth, in favor of compassionate curiosity. 6/6" ~ Gabor Mate