U.S. Schools are the Real Killers

There’s no mystery why some teenagers suddenly kill their peers. They do it because of the crazy way they are taught.

The shootings have one thing in common, they all took place in school. The boys didn’t kill on the weekend, they didn’t kill after school, they didn’t shoot up the local Dairy Queen.”…The fact of the matter is that most U.S. public schools today are intellectual and moral wastelands.”…The one sure thing that a college professor can expect from new students is that they do not believe in moral absolutes…Barbed wire, metal detectors, identification cards, closed-circuit television monitors, and guards are common features of today’s school. Worse yet, the school system treats our young people in the same way that the penal system treats its prison population. A good many schools in this country are simply providing day-care for teenagers and in the worst schools they are providing incarceration.

As a college professor, I meet hundreds of current and recently graduated high school students every year. I am struck by four factors: first, students don’t believe in very much and are unwilling to make moral judgments; second, they have artificially inflated opinions of themselves and are unwilling to tolerate criticism; third, they are poorly educated; and finally, they hated their high school experience.

"The result is an explosive mixture of nihilism, narcissism, ignorance, and resentment."