Umbilical Cord

“As a former doctor I’d like to tell you something…

In the “obstetrics - hospital” there is a silent and unofficial rule of immediate cutting of the umbilical cord. But you don’t have that obligation!

It happens like this because the newborn at the time of birth is in a double respiratory state. First, it gets oxygen and nutrients through the umbilical cord. His lungs are not fully activated yet, he gradually starts breathing air through his nose and then slowly activates his lungs. What do the “doctors” do? The umbilical cord is cut off immediately after birth, cutting off the flow of oxygen and nutrients. The child is crumbling, starts taking a deep breath and tries to activate the lungs: it hurts! Also the crib blood must get to the baby!

If the umbilical cord is cut off immediately, the baby will not have enough blood immediately after birth. However, the blood in the placenta contains the child’s natural immune spectrum. In other words, if the umbilical cord is immediately cut off, part of the child’s natural immunity is deliberately being denied.

Why ? A child that does not initially reach full immunity will likely have many health problems throughout his life. This in turn means that “meds” can now tell parents that their child needs shots, pills, mixtures, and surgery. The more children and unhealthy people, the more patient-patient “medicine”. Nothing personal, just business.

The umbilical cord should NOT be cut 1 HOUR AFTER BIRTH. The “doctors” don’t think about this. For all the fictional reasons they want this to end as soon as possible. Medical practice wants the umbilical cord and tendon to remain as cool as possible.

Now the question: why do drugs need a fresh bed and umbilical cord? Expensive medical and cosmetic preparations are made from their fabrics. This is one of the main reasons why medical practice does not want people to give birth at home in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. If more and more people were doing it anyway, drugs would lose an important source of income. "

"This article is aimed not only to educate pregnant women and fathers, but also cosmetic enthusiasts who, in their ignorance, in addition to any chemicals, apply their faces with these cosmetics.””

Source: Kirill Repjew