What Do You Call a Teacher Who Talks To Young Children About Sex?


"It’s unequivocally NOT the role of educators to be explaining, coaching or influencing their students’ sexuality. That is exclusively the parent’s responsibility. Fellow TEACHERS, STOP grooming our children!" ~ Ramona Bessinger

"There is no 5 year old in the world that is explicitly gay, lesbian, transgender or heterosexual.

Small children do not think about sex and sexuality unless they have been groomed to do so by an adult.

These are the facts." ~ Candace Owens

"Teachers in Florida walking off the job because they can no longer discuss sex with 5 year olds.

This tells me how badly that Bill was needed!" ~ KRMA

"I feel like there should be a registry for teachers in Florida who quit after they couldn’t teach 5 year olds about sex anymore." ~ Tim Young

"Don’t worry Disney World will give them a job." ~ Five Times August