Why Can't Young People Manage Their Time?

What would happen if you were to sit in a blank room for seven hours not allowed to think or talk? What if you had to spend hours after doing mindless work just waiting to finally be able to consume mindless entertainment? Producer Brooke and I discuss how schooling, homework, and social media eat up kids’ time in our latest episode:

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“Lets Go, Ring the Bell” :rofl:

Great way to kick off the show!

That’s why many huge companies that are in the business of saving students time are flourishing such as Spark Notes which was started by Harvard students. I remember fondly when Spark Notes became popularized, students were relieved they didn’t actually have to read the books, they could just go over the Spark Notes. These days, there are many websites offering to do your homework for you, if you pay them, so offering students more freedom has become a lucrative niche market. Students are gaming the game of school because they intuitively know it isn’t about learning. Imagine working to pay someone else to do your homework or even worse getting your parents to pay for someone else to do your homework. The new trend is paying for a Harvard degree without actually doing any academic work at all.