You Secretly Want Teens to be Miserable

"So when a 15-year-old complains of hating class(es) in her current high school experience, the average citizen response is a shrug and say “Deal with it." Then you think, Thank the heavens I am done with that!"

"However, if you would rather jump off a bridge than return to your high school, then the diploma you received may be more of a “Get Out Of Jail” card."

"The true value of a degree at any level is in flux. Our economy is evolving, and tech is accelerating our daily lives. The content of a university coding course from 2007 is irrelevant today. It is difficult to adapt your high school keyboarding course to send an email from your iPhone in bed. For survival, learning is now a lifestyle."

"The average American adult (perhaps you) expects teens to loathe their time in high school. You’re not alone. Bille Shakespeare alleged of Romeo, “Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books,/ But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.” (Romeo and Juliet, II.ii.160-161) Little Shakes left his formal schooling at age 12. If he had 6+ years of sleepless nights and cafeteria fights, maybe he could have become a contributing member of society."

“If you hate something, don’t you do it too.” ~ Pearl Jam, “Not for You” (1994)