All California Schoolchildren Must Be Force Vaccinated Against COVID-19 Under New Bill


Senate Bill 871, by state Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) who is also a practicing pediatrician has been preying on children for nearly a decade causing massive vaccine injuries and deaths by forcing Big Pharma vaccines on schoolchildren. I wonder how much Big Pharma is paying him to force experimental vaccines on children? Senate Bill 277 Introduced to End California’s Vaccine Exemption Loophole Because of Richard Pan, California has been Force Vaccinating children for years so forcing the COVID vaccine is nothing new. It’s also no surprise that he went to Harvard which is discussed in the following post:

"He’s the Californian senator who drafted up the controversial vaccine bill, SB-277, which stripped millions of Californian citizens of their parental rights. Pan also introduced another bill, SB-18, which would take the medical tyranny in California one step further by giving the government the right to seize children from their parents, if their families are making medical decisions the state decides are “not in the child’s best interests.”