Beware: UNICEF says pornography doesn’t harm children and is ‘their right’

WOW! Most parents don’t realize the over-sexualization of children is part of a powerfully corrupt agenda. Imagine that, in world where children have less freedom and rights than ever before, UN Agenda 2030 is focusing on corrupting children’s minds with pornography before they even reach puberty. It’s no wonder schools have been highly sexualizing children for years. Especially when the Porn Industry is one of the Top 10 Industries Preying on Children.

“UNICEF’s report ignores the vast body of research demonstrating the harms of pornography to children. By ignoring the real harms pornography can have, UNICEF is playing roulette with children’s health and safety”, Thompson said.

“Mainstream pornography contains horrific sexual abuse, rape, incest, racism—all of which children should not consume,” Thompson noted, all of which “puts children at risk.”