Exposing Bitcoin for the pyramid scheme it is isn’t a popular position for me to hold as I have many friends & family members heavily invested in Bitcoin. My position on Bitcoin has been consistent since the beginning and I have emails to friends from 2015 where I called it Bitcon. I personally have never invested in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for that matter because I don’t want to be involved in Ponzi schemes. I have always preferred to invest in real digital assets, domain names which are digital real estate, that hold real long term value and can be developed into profitable businesses. I knew this would be the one world digital currency for the new world order. Just like the US Dollar, Bitcoin isn’t backed by anything.

“Digital Fool’s Gold.” ~ Peter Schiff

I said the following in May 2020…
“You know what is more valuable than Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin in an economic crash with major food shortages? Farmland, food gardens, and learning how to grow your own food. You can’t eat Gold, so most will be begging farmers to take their gold just to buy whatever food they can.” 🧑‍🌾🚜

Read the “Blockchain Technology” section of this article:

“He says that most people who are jumping onboard these days are doing so not to use Bitcoin as an everyday medium of exchange, but rather as a speculative investment asset for making money. At some point, this tactic will fail, which will happen right around the time that a critical mass of folks comes to the realization that Bitcoin isn’t actually worth anything at all.”