Schools Don't Teach You How To Make Money

Ever wonder why schools and colleges don’t actually teach you how to make money. It’s because if they did, you wouldn’t be there, you would be out making money pursuing your passion. Slavery only works on people that are too dumb to take responsibility for their own life, education, and finances. Schools also fail to teach children how not to get scammed and considering we live in a world full of scammers that prey on young, vulnerable, and naive people, it’s just as important to learn how to keep and protect your money as it is making money. The powers that be want children to grow up saddled with debt so they are easy to control.

Schools complicate and confuse your life with nonsense so you never grasp this simple reality.

You only need to learn 3 things to make it in this world and you’ll be better off than the majority of people who are dependent on the government, debt, and others to care for them. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for yourself instead of depending on others.

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Learn How To Make Money | By or before 18, you should be making $100K/year, problems are everywhere, you can solve them, instead of looking for minimum wage jobs. $100K isn’t much these days considering inflation is sky high. If you just graduated high school and your not making thousands of dollars a month, then you just wasted 13 years of your life completely unprepared for the future.
  3. Learn How to Keep Your Money | If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, it Probably Is!
    The Bitcon Ponzi Scheme is a great example today where many have lost everything.

If school actually carried the value our society thinks it does, then kids coming out of high school & college would have good jobs lined up before they even graduated. If a high school diploma only gets you minimum wage, then what is the point? It’s worthless!

This is why so many Famous Unschoolers and Dropouts went on to create propersous fulfilling lives with little to no schooling.

"College students would be better off making money instead of spending money they don’t have. You don’t get ahead by getting behind." ~ “Unschooling.com