Bohemian Grove

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" ~ Carl Jung

The Illuminati Elite and the billionaire bankster’s will be arriving at the once secret and highly
satanic Bohemian Grove for a sacrifice. This Cabal of Criminals will begathered before the 40-foot stone owl Moloch. These men will conduct a ceremonial sacrifice of children where they will be symbolically set on fire. The sound of screams are heard throughout the redwood forest as the Cremation of CARE begins. These Luciferian leaders from high positions in politics, government and the motion picture industry stand in front of the owl dressed in long black and red robes to conduct the satanic sacrificial services. This is what they do, you could not make this stuff up!

The Bohemian Grove is in Monte Rio, California near the Russian River off Hwy 116, The people who attend set public policy through the United Nations Agenda 21, and through our local government using ICLEI to literally take over our lives and control our families.

To decrease the population they want to install toxic smart murder meters, mandate vaccines, spray us with aerial toxins, mandate toxic mercury lightbulbs and create perpetual wars leading towards a One World Government and a New World Order.


It’s no wonder Ronald Reagan was a member of Bohemian Grove…he’s literally sacrificed millions of children leading us to where we are today where child sacrifice is a normal part of our everyday lives.