Diplomas & Degrees Are Just Pieces Of Paper

"I don’t know how well this will translate, but it occurred to me that the people with no certificates (hackers) were breaking into the systems the people with certificates (professionals with degrees) have been building for years.
What does this tell us about the value of certificates and degrees? Not that they have no value, that’s silly, but it does seem to suggest the value of the piece of paper is the least significant part of the person wielding the skillset." ~ Unknown

"Our life is our school. This is our education. It didn’t begin with Kindergarten and doesn’t end with a piece of paper that declares us ready for a job. Our learning isn’t confined to certain months of the year, or a specific building, or books that dissect and divide life into segments within chapters within subjects. We don’t have notebooks dedicated to separating science from history from art from fun. There are words we can’t spell. There are equations we can’t solve. We answer our questions with more questions. We aren’t concerned with earning points or impressing folks. We’re not caught up in some great competition that pits children against children, adults against children, adults against adults. We’re not rushing to complete some kind of bizarre race against the end of time. There is no end…not for us. We don’t need a winter break, a spring break, a summer break from learning. Learning is our life." ~ Unschool Unleashed