Useless Degrees

Unless your going to college to be a Doctor or Lawyer, the reality is that most all college degrees are useless in the real world. Unless you plan on being stuck in the school system your entire life going from student to teacher with no real world experience outside of schooling using your indoctrination to indoctrinate the next generation. If your degree doesn’t have real world application and teach you real life skills, it’s useless. The world needs people to solve real world problems, not
Gender studies.

"Certain university degrees are essentially pyramid schemes.

The only way you can make money from them is by teaching the subject matter to other people, since it has zero (or negative) real world practical value." ~ Zuby


"Imagine spending $160K over 4 years to participate in the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. This is college." ~ The Art of Purpose


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Notice that many high school and college dropouts have been highly successful in their respective fields, even ones that we typically associate with needing a degree such a being an architect which Frank Lloyd Wright is a great example