Furious Viewers Complain En Masse About New UK TV Show Called “Naked Education” With Adult Men Stripping Naked For Kids


Isn’t is more news that someone can make it to 15 and not see the opposite gender naked? Naked Education is pedagogical news, but not for the reasons it has gotten into the press for.

I imagine it’s extremely rare in today’s society to make it to 15 without seeing the opposite gender naked. Millions of children have their own cell phones and computers where they can easily watch porn.

And if you’re talking about seeing the opposite gender naked in-person, that’s also easier than ever, they have many apps for that which make it as easy as ordering fast food, simply swipe left or right. You used to have to get to know a person before sleeping with them, not anymore, today we have a promiscuous hookup culture.

The problem in our society is children are being preyed upon by adults who are sexualizing and grooming them so they can sexually abuse them where many end up being funneled into horrible industries that traumatize them such as birth control drugs, abortion, Porn, Onlyfans, or even Hollywood. Children today are growing up in a highly sexualized culture which is a lot different than previous generations. Playboy helped spearhead the 1960’s sexual revolution, but back in those days, the magazines were very modest compared to the plethora of sexual content today.

As for this show, adults stripping naked for children is pedophilia and is being normalized in our society. Do you not see a problem with pedophilia or drag queens grooming children. This dad just killed a pedophile with a shovel & moose antler.

It’s important to understand that the sexualization & grooming of children is no mistake, it is being heavily funded by major entities and people that are social engineering the population to destroy the family unit. This was the greater purpose of school since the very beginning:
See 2nd video from Aaron Russo on the following post…