Harvard University's Corrupt Ties to Coronavirus

It’s becoming more and more clear that a Harvard degree offers a major in corruption with a minor in indoctrination as many of the most corrupt people on the planet are well connected to Harvard, including Bill Gates, who dropped out to focus on building Microsoft. Bill Gates is the frontman for Coronavirus which he why he just recently stepped down from Microsoft on Friday the 13th of March 2020 out of all dates to focus on “philanthropy”. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded the entire global pandemic we are in now, from beginning to end, so now the world is on lockdown awaiting his forced Coronavirus vaccine.

More members of Congress attended Harvard University than any other higher education institution. Did you know that 53 members of Congress went to Harvard?

Check out Bill Gates Instagram, the world is calling him out on his corruption with hundreds of thousands of comments exposing him and his corrupt foundation:


Meanwhile, Harvard University is the richest school in the world with the largest endowment in the country with their $40 Billion Endowment Fund, but yet they are taking millions in taxpayer money for the Coronavirus even though the school is closed while millions of people are destitute and thousands of small family-owned businesses are closing for good. It gets even worse as Harvard is laying off workers without pay. It’s literally a hedge fund for Indoctrination:


And while all the schools around the country are closed due to the Coronavirus, this Harvard Professor is recommending banning homeschooling:


Jeffrey Epsteins Connection to Harvard:


And apparently the Harvard President and his wife have tested positive for Coronavirus:


Former President Obama’s connection to Harvard?

Elizabeth Warren falsely claimed she was Native American to get accepted into Harvard with a Scholarship: