How Casinos Are Able to Predict Human Behavior

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“Imagine living a world where the phrase “they’re trying to control you!” is looked at as crazy, yet corporations spend every waking moment to do just that.” ~ thephilosopher7173

“The scariest part is companies are using this exact system in video games specifically targeting children.” ~ stankeypoosea571

“Joe should do an episode on mobile games with in game purchases. Companies are making billions of dollars, often targeted at people under 18 by exploiting these human traits” ~ user-ib9mc8nx5x

“I never knew that the reason people get addicted to gambling is because we like to hunt and gather. Thanks Joe for yet another life lesson” ~ guhlken610 (See Children Educate Themselves post below)

the human reward system is the greatest cash cow of all time.

Joe Rogan

Hunter Gathers post