How “Unschooling” Can Benefit Your Child and the World

"Instead of being given the freedom to learn what they want, children are told to sit down, shut their mouths and absorb the information in front of them, placed there by someone else with a differing agenda to their own. They are made to memorize facts, jot down notes and devote that precious energy toward things that they don’t necessarily find interesting. Then they are tested on those things and their worth is summed up in a grade, ranging from PASS to FAIL."

"What if, instead of trying to force a child to learn, we aided them in doing something that they are naturally inclined to do? What if we supported and facilitated their interests instead of persistently trying to redirect it, applying punishments and judgments?"

"Unschooling and respectful, trustful parenting go hand in hand. Children are meant to experiment, navigate social situations and seek knowledge and understanding. Unschooling, as a way of life, creates a loving, supportive and secure foundation from which children can grow into self-directed and self-assured individuals."

"The unschooling movement is a respectful, peaceful revolution that has the potential to change the world in a single generation. Leaving our children with a better world is the ideal dream of most parents and by respecting and trusting our children, it can become a reality. Through unschooling, the individual will be given an invaluable set of tools to change and shape a new world."

Also, check out the comments as they are very telling: