I don't care what degree you have, I care how many people you have helped overcome illness

Email from Ryan @ Reviveyourself.co

"As a society we have been taught that doctors & scientist are rockstars, and to believe anything they say.

We have been taught that they have done all the necessary research, and that their advice shouldn’t be questioned, as it is as good as the word of god.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and this mentality has led to many people suffering, because they blindly followed terrible advice.

This misconception that all doctors are very smart, competent and highly respectable because they have a medical degree and letters behind their name, is where the problem lies.

In reality, all it takes to gain a doctorate is time.

To quote my friend Tom Barnett, “A degree is made from a series of non - related units stacked together to create a certificate.

If you want a masters or a doctorate, you just take a few more (potentially unrelated) units, write an 80,000 word thesis on something obscure - that no one will likely ever read - and boom! You’re a doctor.”

And, Tom is correct.

Mindlessly learning and repeating information that someone has told you to read, instead of using your own brain and intuition so see if it makes sense, doesn’t make you clever or give you an ability to heal people.

This is why it’s totally irrelevant to me what degree someone has, or what letters they have behind their name.

What I care about is how many people they have helped overcome illness, and if they truly care about their patients.

(Some of the smartest people I know never had a formal education … and some of the people I know who have multiple degrees, I wouldn’t trust with a spoon, let alone a knife.)

For the record, I want to say that doctors are not ‘idiots’. They can be brilliant, and they have their place.

However, that place is not endorsing diet fads, or giving any advice on health and nutrition, as the syllabus they studied - which was created by companies that only care about creating profit - only taught them how to prescribe medication, inject people, burn things off or cut them out. They learn nothing about how to create health.

(Unless things have recently changed, doctors take one hour of nutritional education. ONE!

And, that’s learning the outdated and disease creating food pyramid which was devised by the doctors on the Board of Agriculture’s payroll.)

Having said that, doctors are not bastions of common sense either . This “pandemic” has clearly shown that.

This is why when I went through my health crisis 12 years ago, after 5 years of being tortured at the hands of medical doctors and "specialist”, with oral steroids, countless steriod injections, surgeries and copious amounts of drugs - which only made me worse, not better - I started looking for the truth about health and healing.

I started searching for people who could help me.

When looking for alternative doctors and therapists, I didn’t look at their credentials, I instead looked at their results and what their patients had to say about them.

In short, I was looking at their results, because results are all that truly matter.

Therefore, if you are looking to regain your health, start thinking for yourself, and stop being quick to accept advice, articles and videos that are made by people who have fancy initials after their name, who are just repeating and promoting the words that their employer taught them to say.

Instead start listening to your gut, start searching for people who walk the walk, and who have a body of work that proves they can help you.

Do this, and I guarantee your life and your health, will change for the better."

Health & Happiness