Ivan Illich Quotes

"A major illusion on which the school system rests is that most learning is the result of teaching." ~ Ivan Illich

"In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy." ~ Ivan Illich

"Most people acquire most of their knowledge outside school, and in school only in so far as school, in a few rich countries, has become their place of confinement during an increasing part of their lives." ~ Ivan Illich

“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.” ~ Ivan Illich

“Learning from programmed information always hides reality behind a screen.” ~ Ivan Illich

“School prepares people for the alienating institutionalization of life, by teaching the necessity of being taught. Once this lesson is learned, people loose their incentive to develop independently." ~ Ivan Illich

"The pupil is… ‘schooled’ to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new." ~ Ivan Illich

“Learning is the human activity that least needs manipulation by others. Most learning is not the result of instruction. It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful activity.” ~ Ivan Illich

Since there is now more information outside the schools than inside, we should close the schools." ~ Ivan Illich [Deschooling] "Why spend the child’s time inside a school, giving him answers, that already exist outside?"