Social Emotional Learning

Psychological Obedience Training

SEL has taken precedence in all the schools over academics!

"The entire SEL program is a game of semantics. It is fooling a lot of people. SEL is the trojan horse. Critical Race Theory is the ideology, SEL is the delivery system of it into our schools." ~ Jennifer McWilliams

"SEL is a system that takes over the school, the framework has rings on the outside, and works from the inside out so it went from classroom to school to families to communities. The reason people are seeing it now, “well how did you miss it a couple years ago,” is because it was really contained within the school and it wasn’t so obvious, but at this point we have moved to the outer rings of that Casel framework which is families and communities and has fully saturated our education system." ~ Jennifer McWilliams

"Rather than making children resilient, their making them fragile" @TheReasonWeLearn


Social Emotional Learning originates from the Casel organization:

Casel was born from the Fetzer Institute

Bill Gates foundation is funding Casel’s Social Emotional Learning…

PANORAMA Education was co-founded by Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Son-in-Law and is also in the SEL Business: