The Truth About Swimming Pools

Unless you swim in natural bodies of water such as an ocean or lake or have a natural swimming pool that uses plants (algage) & aquatic animals (fish) that purify the water naturally, you’re most likely swimming in a toxic cesspool. The problem is when water is stagnant, it breeds algae and bacteria so chlorine is added to disinfect and kill the bad bacteria, but it ends up wreaking havoc on your good bacteria and flora and fauna which is the reason nothing lives in a chlorinated pool because it literally kills everything. Swimming in chlorine means you are slowly poisoning yourself. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. Chlorine is one of the top toxins found in tap water.

As the saying goes, “If You Can’t ‘Drink’ It, Don’t Put It On Your Skin”

The truth is that salt water pools are a major scam, people actually pay tens of thousands of dollars to convert their pools to salt water when the reality is that they are not really changing anything at all. A saltwater pool IS a chlorine pool. Pure Chlorine comes from the electrolysis of seawater so Salt + Electricity = Chlorine! Chlorine is a naturally occurring chemical element on the periodic table. Carl Scheele first noticed chlorine in 1774, when he mixed hydrochloric acid with manganese dioxide, but he did not recognize this gas as a new element, instead believing it to contain oxygen. It wasn’t until 1811 that Sir Humphry Davy determined the gas was, in fact, a previously unidentified element. Davy gave chlorine its name. Liquid chlorine burns your skin while breathing it irritates mucous membranes and high concentrations can be fatal which is why it was used as a chemical weapon by the Germans in 1915 during World War 1.

“What’s more, according to Dr. Teitelbaum, poor soil also means that we can no longer get iodine from the foods we grow. In recent years iodine found in flour has been replaced with bromide and chlorine. He says that chlorine further depletes the body of the iodine that’s already present. It’s for all of these reasons that iodine deficiencies are becoming a growing public health problem, says Dr. Teitelbaum.”
5 Reasons an Iodine Deficiency is a Big Time Problem for Your Health - Organic Authority

“Going swimming on a regular basis in a chlorine-filled pool can affect your teeth, as chlorine has been linked with the erosion of tooth enamel. The effect of chlorine on teeth has been documented in both the American Journal of Dentistry and the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association , as reported by the Daily Mail
Beware of these common activities that can seriously damage your teeth - NaturalNews.com

Chlorinated hot tubs magnify & increase your chlorine exposure and cause you to breath more chlorine gas as the chlorine vaporizes. If you want to swim in a natural hot tub, look for hot springs you can visit or consider buying a cedar hot tub with a water filter or no filter and just changing the water every so often, cedar hot tubs are a great way to experience the benefits of a hot tub without the toxic chemicals used in a conventional plastic hot tub.