The Truth About Ukraine

“In war, truth is the first casualty.” ~ Aeschylus

"All wars are fought for the sake of getting money." ~ Plato

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” ~ Henry Kissinger

"Our cities look like third world countries. Our borders are sieves. Our own sovereignty is threatened. Our freedoms are being erased. Our children are under attack. Our civilization is imploding. Excuse me if I don’t give a damn about Ukraine right now. We have other problems." ~ Matt Walsh

"There is always money for war. You never hear political leaders say they can’t go to war because the country can’t afford it. They claim not to have money for the poor, homeless and hungry, but war? It’s never a problem." ~ David Icke





"Is it just me, or has every politician pushing for WWIII made millions in Ukraine?" ~ TheBradfordFile

"Let me get this straight:

The people who tried to lock me down for 2 years, mask my 1 year-old, show the authorities my medical papers to eat, get me fired from my job if I refuse medicine that I don’t want or need, bankrupt my family — these people are suddenly pro “freedom?”" ~ Benny Johnson

"Hunter gets paid hundreds of thousands a year by Ukraine energy to stay gorked out on cocaine and then his father sends billions to Ukraine while intentionally annihilating US energy Independence and no one in Congress is one bit worried about a massive conflict of interest here?" ~ Rising Serpent

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"My generation has only known war.

Gulf War.
war on terror.
Iraq war.
war in Afghanistan.

We only find out later that these wars were fought on false pretense, supported by lies fed to the American people.

Forgive me if I question all of the propaganda were being fed now." ~ Reallygraceful

"$10 a gallon gas they keep talking about is just a new flavor of lockdown" ~ Reallygraceful

Monica Crowley’s Twitter Account Was Suspended For Tweeting Truth About Ukraine!