The Shocking Truth About The Military

The military does not fight for our freedoms and protect our rights. The U.S. Military works for the elite, not the American people. They are slaves to the central bankers. This is why everyone in the Military was force vaccinated or kicked out! Our government is at war with us, a large number of people that enlist are killed in combat fighting elitist wars and the ones that do survive suffer immense PTSD which is why suicide rates amongst veterans are off the charts. You literally sign your life away and give up all your rights when you join the military. Imagine thinking this is the road to freedom! :man_facepalming:

Heed this Veterans comment:

If you want to know the TRUTH about the Military, read this book:

And Watch this Documentary:

The following things happened with the “Worlds Greatest” Military… :exploding_head:

We lost our Republic…

We lost our Constitution…

We lost all our rights which are privileges now…

And we have a central bank enslaving us all, but very few talk about the real issues affecting Americans.